Protect More Green
P&G is proud to work with organizations that create lasting, positive impact on our planet. That’s why, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we’re planting 25,000 trees to help ensure sustainable forests thrive for generations to come. Visit P&G Good Everyday to learn more about our partnership with Arbor Day Foundation and how you can get involved.
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Sustainability Through Small Actions
The simplest changes at home can help reduce your environmental impact. Over time, small changes add up. Discover how your sustainability choices can help!
Turn Off the Tap

Even small loads in the dishwasher can save water! 8 Dishes is all it takes to save water with Cascade Platinum*.

 *vs running the tap for 2 minutes

Turn to Cold

Washing laundry on cold with Tide provides a better clean and uses 90% less energy than a bargain brand on hot*.

 *Tide Power Pods in cold vs. leading baking soda 2-in-1 Pak in hot

Choose Eco-Friendly Products
EC30 reduces the C02 emission impact from manufacturing, chemistry, and shipping by 50% vs traditional liquids. In partnership with nature and the Arbor Day Foundation, we invest in verified forest restoration to offset our immediate carbon emissions.
Test Your Sustainability Knowledge
Do you have what it takes to live sustainably? Take our quiz and find out how your skills stack up!
P&G Brands Dedicated to Reducing Impact
By incorporating practices designed to reduce our environmental impact into many of our most popular products, we’re making it easier to shop with confidence. We want you to feel good about using the brands you love, knowing that you’re helping preserve resources.
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Earn rewards and help give back by purchasing trusted P&G brands that are leading the way with innovative sustainability initiatives.